Happy New Year

It's a great time to get rid of those muddy molehills!


Traditional Mole Catcher in Cheshire (Holmes Chapel and Knutsford area)

  Tel: 07795 197718                        Email: [email protected]

Hello there. My name is Adrian Leith. I am an independent, traditional molecatcher in the Holmes Chapel area. Whether you have a couple of molehills on your lawn or dozens in a paddock, I can usually get rid of the moles in a few days.

I belong to the British Molecatchers' Register (BMCR) and Mole Catcher UK after taking the LANTRA recognised training.

Because I will need visit your site several times, I work in a relatively limited area to keep my charges moderate. Please call to see if I cover your address.

I offer a friendly, personal service, based on -


              No mole - No fee

              No poisons or gases

              Fully insured


How I work

After giving you a no-fee assessment of your mole problem, I will set the appropriate number of traps, which I'll check regularly. When I find a mole, I will remove it and re-set the trap. I will leave all the traps in place until about a week after the last sign of mole activity. Do read about the traps on the Mole Catching page.

I charge a higher fee for the first mole caught and then a flat fee per animal.

And the moles? I will usually present any moles I catch for you to witness, but I'm happy to make other arrangements if you have more sensitive members of the family to consider.




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