Towards Autumn

It's been a very busy summer. The moles seem to have thrived during lockdown - for no apparent reason. It's just as well that moles can be caught within the social distancing guidelines.

Here are a few comments I've had from recent customers

 I first contacted Adrian earlier this year when my lawn was being ruined

 by several moles coming in from the surrounding fields.In a matter  of a couple

of weeks he had caught nine!

He clearly has significant experience of the behaviour of these creatures which

enables him to catch them so easily.


Many thanks for erradicating these little blighters! A most successful outcome.

J.R.,   Chelford

 This is to verify that Adrian Leith has caught our moles satisfactorily.

He is reliable, quick and tidy.

Mrs B.  Lower Withington

Adrian managed  to sort out  a chronic mole problem in our garden. The lawn was

 covered in molehills.

Adrian caught a record eleven moles in only a few days. Adrian offers a reliable,

friendly and efficient service. We would use him again.